Date 2017 TBC

Elevation 8,848m
Distance 235km
Gradient 7%
24 hours
45 laps

Other event categories include 4,424m and 2,212m of elevation.

Challenge yourself to cycle the height of Mt Everest 8,848m at Garie Beach, Sydney. Together we will fundraise for Cancer Council NSW.

Ride Everest Outride Cancer.

This unique 24hr event offers you unparalleled support and assistance to reach the summit!

Starts January 27th 2017

One athlete
One hundred Iron Distance Triathlons
Swim 3.8km
Cycle 180km
Run 42.2km
Every day for 100 days

This 100-day adventure has never been attempted before, and will push John Mergler, an experienced endurance athlete to his mental and physical limit.

The unprecedented challenge with the aim of raising $1 million for charity will be completed in key locations based around Sydney’s Centennial Park and other highly visible public areas.

What’s your 100 day challenge? Join John with Iron Century and commit to your 100 day health, fitness and fundraising challenge.

8848 Royal National Park Sydney

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