8848 Royal National Park
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Ride Everest Outride Cancer

Cancer Council NSW

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8848 Royal National Park – Date 2018 TBC

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Welcome to 8848 Royal National Park the world’s first mass participation Everest cycling event to raise funds for Cancer Council. Participants can choose one of 3 events as a solo rider, an EVEREST 8848 (solo full Everest, 235km), EVEREST 4424 (solo half Everest, 118km), or EVEREST 2212 (solo quarter Everest, 59km).

This unique challenge, set in the iconic and beautiful Royal National Park, offers you unparalleled support and services to reach the summit!  Base Camp at Garie Beach is transformed into a Himalayan mountain village, where we will make sure you have somewhere comfortable to rest, great food, great coffee, and a whole lot of fun. The 2.5 km climb to the summit is a floodlit, car-free, well paved road with spectacular views and great climbing. Join us on this Himalayan adventure as together we Ride Everest Outride Cancer!

Choose Your Everest Climb

Get ready for the climb of your life and help the fight against cancer!

All climbs are solo, there are no longer teams in the event.


Solo full Everest, 8,848m climbing, 235km, 45 laps
Fundraising target $884.80


Solo half Everest, 4,424m climbing, 118km, 23 laps
Fundraising target $442.40


Solo quarter Everest, 2212m climbing, 59km, 12 laps
Fundraising target $221.20

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